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Hairprint Amla Oil

Hersteller: HAIRPRINT
Amla Oil, der beste Freund Ihres Haares
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Amla Oil ist eine außergewöhnliche Haarkur für jeden Haartyp, zu jeder Zeit und unter allen klimatischen Bedingungen.


Amla Oil is virtually scent-free and can be used in a multitude of ways.

1. Place a small amount of the oil in the palm(s) of hands and massage gently into hair and scalp. Use enough oil so that all the hair is coated and treated. Leave in the hair for as long as you wish, from 20 minutes to overnight with a towel wrap. Rinse out with Amla Shampoo and Amla Conditioner.

2. Work through the hair as a leave-in conditioner to provide body, sheen, and softness throughout the day.

3. Apply to the face and the whole body on a daily basis. Amla oil is non-comedogenic and thus suitable for all skin types.

4. Make a spritz for soft, shiny all-day hair. Place a couple of tablespoons of Amla Oil in a 2-4 oz spray bottle. Fill with water and shake well. Spritz onto the hair when wet or dry for nourishment, body, and sheen. If you wish, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil for a refreshing scent.




(Emblica officinalis)

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